1. hbcreative
    Mixed media

    (via mckswift)


  2. Raury
    God’s Whisper (4:39)
    Digital video


  3. Raury
    Cigarette Song (4:06)
    Digital video

    WHY am i just finding out about Raury now. 


  4. Screenshot from The 10th Victim (1965)


  5. Genie, you’re free. The rest of us aren’t.


  6. National Moment of Silence for #MikeBrown in #DC. Solidarity w/ #Ferguson. Justice for errbody ✊ (at malcolm x park)


  7. Flying Lotus & Shintaro Kago
    You’re Dead! (2:00)
    Digital Video


  8. Karen O
    Rapt (1:57)
    Digital video


  9. I’ve become fascinated with Asian contemporary art history—how nations in a region that has spent centuries at war are seeking a unified body through the exploration of commonalities through art. This was given to me by a curator at the MoMA in Tokyo: Cubism in Asia, one of the 1st pan-Asian exhibitions presented by the national museum world. A Japan-Korea-Singapore collab. Bout to read the fuck out this book. 📖👀😲


  10. Fogscape #47412 by Fujiko Nakaya - an unconventional sculpture made of gas! 💨 (at Sapporo Art Museum)

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