1. A diorama of me meeting Japanese astronaut Commander Koichi Wakata 🌠 (at Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC), Embassy of Japan)


  2. Excited to collaborate with #LiuBolin & Klein Sun Gallery on his project about notions of security! Connecting this international series with US issues around police brutality & post-9/11 discrimination. Performance installation in #NYC 9/20 👊 (at Klein Sun Gallery)


  3. Ai Weiwei
    Ai Weiwei. Williamsburg, Brooklyn


  4. Simryn Gill (b. Singapore, l. Australia)
    Forking Tongues


  5. Emma Sulkowicz (USA)
    Mattress Performance or Carry That Weight

    Sulkowicz has devised a senior thesis rooted in performance art that will allow her to protest the fact that her rapist continues to study on campus. She has committed to carrying around a twin-size dorm mattress everywhere she goes on campus, to classes and appointments, “for as long as I attend the same school as my rapist.”


  6. Prodip Leung (Hong Kong)
    Plants of Gods Terrarium


  7. hbcreative
    Mixed media

    (via mckswift)


  8. Raury
    God’s Whisper (4:39)
    Digital video


  9. Raury
    Cigarette Song (4:06)
    Digital video

    WHY am i just finding out about Raury now. 


  10. Screenshot from The 10th Victim (1965)

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