1. Immateriality: The Future Human, by Jenny Lee


  2. My friend Chris Marianetti has invented the Rose Controller. I wish all my coffee tables doubled as drum machines.


  3. Sometimes this poem resurfaces on the interweb, and when it does, I feel like Marty McFly. Not the Marty McFly who wore cool jackets and rode on hoverboards, but the older, washed up Marty McFly of the future who didn’t actually come across time travel, and who has no idea what to do with himself when the Marty McFly of the past shows up unexpectedly.

    Anyway, space-time has not ruptured because I still have a staff meeting to get to. Onward, from the museum of my mind.


  4. From Annie Ling’s 81 Bowery: Everyday life in NYC Chinatown.


  5. Mohd Irman Ismail.

    Portrait of a Mentawai, the native people of the Mentawai Islands.


  6. The Apple Phone, circa 1983


  7. Tokyo in reverse


  8. what to make of the world these days?


  9. “It’s Not What It Seems” by Hikaru Cho.

    (Source: itscolossal, via ohmyasian)


  10. ulta vie lot.

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