1. Taking the stage in an hour!! Can’t wait.


  2. Hotter than July #tbt


  3. WOW this is funky! Came across this Cui Jian video while researching 90’s Chinese rock for my show about Ai WeiWei @ Brooklyn Museum

    崔健 - 飞了 Cui Jian


  4. Ai Wei Wei: The Seed @ The Brooklyn Museum July 24, 2014



    I, along with NBC News Asian America am proud to support the upcoming performance of Chinese American artists (including Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai and Adriel Luis ) in their celebration of Ai Wei Wei’s early years. Ai Wei Wei is one of China’s most prolific and provocative artists. Check out the performance and the art exhibit tonight at the Brooklyn Museum.

    Read more via my article here. 


  5. My happy place. See u when I see u Lilo.


  6. I came home to say goodbye to Lilo, who I adopted 12 years ago in college when I was still snot-nosed & looking for new ways to love something. She watched me become a poet, sat through my heartbreaks, seen me in my rawest moments, and became a staple in my family. Yesterday after we said our final goodbye, we sat around the dinner table and reminisced on the entire span of our household’s generation. Some say that pets are just animals. That might be true, but their true gift is that they bring out the best of who we are as humans. Forever grateful. Miss u lots, Lilo. 🐶


  7. it’s bigger than futbol


  8. Last Breath directed by Mak Ying-Ping


  9. internet <3


  10. Walking cabbages in China.

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